Random notes on exponential scalability

Photocopies vs. viral growth. Organics are never exact. Health: organisms are never “on/off” broken (as machines can be). They are more a % broken – “ill” or “fatally ill” that results in degradation until death. Organics must therefore gradually get “more healthy”–not “fixed” or “repaired.” Growing sick and growing healthy are both slow processes. Organisms can mutate. Reproduction is not owned or limited by a manufacturing process (anyone can make a baby, whereas making an iPhone is an owned process). What you can manufacture can be engineered to specification; what you birth is uncontrolled in many ways, and must be guided/channeled after birth. All of this applies to churches and disciples, too: disciples are not iPhones, manufactured to specific settings. They have gifts, talents, predispositions, illnesses, and must be matured over time. Only organics (physical/spiritual reproduction) can scale to the size of populations through natural, organic processes.

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