Evangelical use of social media: a bibliography

I created this file for the Director of Communications for MUP. I’m resharing it here as some of you may find it useful. It doesn’t appear that a lot has been written on the subject, which is odd given that so many evangelicals use social media (but then, they don’t use it so much for religious or evangelistic purposes, generally). What I’m really hoping is that you’ll point me to additional studies, which I can also add to my file. Share in the comments below, or send me an email (justinlong@gmail.com) or a tweet (http://www.twitter.com/justindlong).

Barna Reports

White Evangelicals use social media more than other religious groups

Few Americans use Social Media to connect with their faith communities


% of Americans who are part of a spiritual group on Facebook: 6%
% who follow a spiritual leader on Tiwtter: 5%

Churches face challenges in upgrading to Religion 2.0
53% of Millennials (18-to-29) use Facebook once daily
7% of seniors (65+, Boomers/Silents) use Facebook once daily
50% of Seniors attend church weekly; 25% of Millennials do.
24% of Americans who attend religious services aren’t aware of religious leaders on FB/Twitter
(suggesting significant # of attenders aren’t interested in connecting with chs online)

91% of evangelical leaders are on at least one social networking site
88% on Facebook. 50% on Linkedin. 35% on Twitter. 12% on another site
Mostly because many friends have abandoned email and social networks req’d to stay in touch

Establishing the social network of evangelization
62% of Americans aged 13-42 are on Facebook or MySpace, 2010

“Tweet for Youcef”: Social Media and Religious Liberty
3 million strong campaign on Twitter

Study Reveals Concerns, Impact of Social Media on Evangelical College Students
Study of 1,342 students aged 18-27 (Millennial). At a mostly surface glance, all about how the Internet is full of bad and distracting things for students.
Full PDF Report here: http://www.gordon.edu/download/pages/Pulling%20Off%20the%20Mask-Facebook%20Study1.pdf

God and Facebook: is social networking changing religion?

Justin LongEvangelical use of social media: a bibliography