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Help MissioNexus create an image statement and get a chance to win an iPad (maybe iPad 3 if it truly comes out?)

Your chance to help MissioNexus develop its image and win an iPad 3:

Crowd Sourcing Opportunity: Help us identify an Image Statement and win an iPad! At the core of organizational identity is a vision and mission statement. But we live in a visual culture where the power of an image cannot be overlooked. Images can generate emotive connections, the power of a picture that is worth a thousand words. We invite you to participate in a crowd sourcing opportunity to help us identify an image statement for Missio Nexus. Using the explanation of how and why we chose our new name, submit an image you believe helps capture the essence of Missio Nexus and should become our image statement. Keep in mind this is not a photography contest. Any non-copyrighted photograph (or drawing) can be submitted as a .jpg file along with a 100 word or less explanation of why this should become our image statement. You may submit as many entries as you like. We’ll choose up to four finalists and give our constituents the final say. If your submission is selected we’ll say thanks with an iPad [I’m told that if the rumors are true and an iPad 3 is announced, that’s what you’’ll be winning]. The submission deadline is April 30, 2012. To submit your entry, simply fill out the information below, or email us at, with your image attached along with your 100 word description.

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