Niche Islamicization of cities in the West

Libya, the decline of the nation-state, and the rise of the city-state,” Abu Daoud. Makes the point that while whole nations will likely not be Islamized, individual pockets of cities and urban areas will be. The process is fairly simple: pockets of Muslim expats will draw more Muslim expats. You go where there are communities like you. Within these areas, pretty soon you become the dominant group, and so local politics is dominated by what you favor. Not all Muslim expatriates are going to be passionate or even committed to shari’a in this way, just as not all Christians are conservative in their outlook. There will be liberal Christians and liberal Muslims.

What is useful about this “clumping” is that it makes it easier for those who are called to interact with and bless Muslims to find them and engage them in meaningful ways. Who is willing to move out of their comfort zone and into an Islamized community? 86% of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists do not have a significant relationship or friendship with a Christian. If Christians were to move into these communities, we could make a start at changing that.

There are some who are already doing this. You could join them.

Justin LongNiche Islamicization of cities in the West