Where can we find potential missionaries?

A reader just wrote to ask me where we might find potential missionaries within churches. This is an interesting question, and I welcome feedback from others on it.

I’ve developed a fairly extensive (4-page) profile of a potential missionary candidate. You can download it here: Candidate Assessment Profile. Admittedly its a little complex but I think it will give you some ideas. I’d welcome feedback for its improvement. It was the basis for the application form that is now available on our website.

Boiled down, a candidate generally is/should be:

  • Young-ish – but this doesn’t discount olders.
  • In good health.
  • Minimal debt.
  • Some education is often welcome.
  • Single or married, but not typically married with lots of kids (although this doesn’t automatically mean no–I’ve known missionary couples with 8+ children). Divorce and remarriage are both typically red flags.
  • Obviously, a believer in Christ.
  • A member of a local church–if less than 2 years, a red flag.
  • Evidence of discipleship and ability to grow in Christ.
  • Excellent character, both public and private.
  • Evidence of a willingness to serve and able to work in teams.
  • Good relationships

Obviously such characters don’t come pre-made. Churches need to think about tailoring their discipleship programs to build these kinds of believers. We are all broken and raw material and need opportunities both to learn and put into practice what we have learned.

What do you think? What would you add to the list (or the 4-page PDF)?


Justin LongWhere can we find potential missionaries?