Human Trafficking 2011

Human Trafficking Defined

  • debt bondage: people sold into slavery to pay for debts, but who can never repay the debt through work because of fees or exhorbitantly high interest rates on their loans.
  • sexual slavery: people sold into slavery in brothels and in prostitution rings.
  • child trafficking and female trafficking for either of these

Global Statistics

  • Valued at over US$32 billion per year (ILO)
  • Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry worldwide
  • 80% of trafficking victims are women and girls
  • 50% of trafficking victims are minors (underage)
  • 42% of those recruiting victims are women
  • The average age of entry into prostitution or sexual exploitation is 12 years old


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Twitter accounts of projects working against human trafficking (many secular accounts too, doing good work):

  • @polaris_project
  • @theA21campaign
  • @ijmhq
  • @trafficInPeople
  • @unseenukorg
  • @endslaverynow
  • @blueheartht
  • @stopthetraffik
  • @not_for_sale
  • @meetjusticemed
  • @obsilence
  • @hagarintl
  • @futuresglobal
  • @oasisusa
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