#CapeTown2010: The Blogosphere Summary (#lcwe)

Updated 10/24/2010 6am Cape Town Time

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Note specific day numbering systems vary from person to person, and I have not yet attempted to reconcile them.

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James Carroll:

  • The Least of These: reflects on the fallacy of his own prejudices and presuppositions (esp. related to Ruth Padilla DeBorst, a theologian from Latin America). Nice to see people willing to confess and confront their own weaknesses and grow stronger as a result.

JR Rozko:

Chris Kidd: (He probably doesn’t remember this, but I’m pretty sure he was in the window seat on the flight from Joburg to Cape Town, and I was in the aisle seat. He pretty much liveblogged the whole event, so the articles below are extensive notes.)

Nicky Gumbel:


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Tim Stafford:

  • Seated Next to You: introduce yourself and learn something
  • Underrepresented at Cape Town 2010: prominent figures associated with evangelical Christianity in the United States. For better or worse these absences tell us a lot about power, influence, innovation, and the future of global movements. [Side note: Rick Warren intended to come but couldn’t due to illnesses in the family.]
  • Suffering in Sudan

Eddie Arthur:

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Warrick Farah:

Recounts of specific sessions:

Justin Long#CapeTown2010: The Blogosphere Summary (#lcwe)