Vulnerabilities Journal: June 2010

Each month we keep an eye on 15 major issues and here link to articles on major events in each category. These are global ‘vulnerabilities’ that can cause significant challenges or opportunities for the church and missions. Some categories will be empty month to month; we keep the categories standard.


1. Wars & Rumors of Wars

2. Ethnic & Religious Unrest

3. Earthquakes & Disasters

4. Famines & Droughts

East Africa: severe drought and famine, worst in 20 years





5. Plagues & Pandemic Disease

6. Crime:

General crime, violence:

Ecclesiastical, robbing the church of finances and mars its image.

Structures of sin, addictions and generational patterns

Organized crime, and its threat


Human Rights, oppression, surveillance

7. Migration, Refugees

8. Demography & Population Growth

9. Power, Energy

10. Lack of successful youth outreach—which robs the church of its future

11. Nominalism/Apathy

12. Poverty & Economic Unrest

13. Postmodernity—

14. Women & Children—

15. Environment

Justin LongVulnerabilities Journal: June 2010